Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can You Make Money Taking Online Surveys?

Can you make money taking online surveys?


Now, don't make me slap you.

Stop believing in something-for-nothing, the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus.  No one gives a rat's ass about your opinion, and even less so to pay for it.

Most of these online survey deals are scams to get a bogus phone service crammed onto your land or cell line - or they ask you to "sign up" for  a three month "free trial" of something that is billed to your credit card - and you can never get them to stop.

You want to make money?  Get a job.  But you can't make money taking surveys online.

And websites and discussion groups that purport to provide information on "inside secrets" on how to make money taking surveys online are usually put-up jobs for this burgeoning industry.

The supply of idiots in this country seems to be inexhaustible, however, and every day, some huckster goes online with another "make money at home!" scam or "get a new iPad for $5" auction site.

Just stop being an idiot, and these people will go away.

But I suspect they will be with us for a long, long time.