Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Search Terms

I can see you!  Or at least your queries...

Blogger lets me see what search terms are used (on Google, Bing, Ask, and others) to find this blog.  Some are funny, others are poignant.   Here is a collection of a few (My comments are in parentheses).  Draw your own conclusions as to the life story of the person posting the query....

husband depressed sleeping in basement and smoking pot

can putting subwoofers ruin a car electrical

living in a storage locker

different labels for people natural eccentric ghetto

can't pay for college now what

Does not co-signing to cover for parents gambling debt make me a bad person?

If you co-sign your parents to a loan will they ever find out?

Is it okay to forge a signature of a co-signer if they live far away?

What if you have two people an an account and one passes away?

how long does a hottub last?

i have this weird new feature on my facebook

do i need 4 wheel drive in syracuse (Answer:  To escape from Syracuse, yes).

is it bad if you take pictures of the license plate of a car to sell

i have $500000 and it became 1000000 in 14 yrs give me rate of retun (Answer: about 5%)

hoarding: a family affair

home photos

$68000 salary after taxes four deductions

brother and i inherited shared real estate he doesn't want to sell and i do

cell phone plans all the same (Answer: Pretty Much)

get money by killing self (Answer: Bad idea, don't get to spend it!)

how to fight being poor (Answer: stop spending, start saving!)

i inherited shared real estate he doesn't want to sell and i do (Answer: Suit for partition)

old cell phone pics

quibid auction sniper

screen room cost

"second life" whatever happened to (good question!)

private road

banking service fees

barbeques galore turbo cart latch

can illegal aliens work in winn dixie marketplace (not legally!)

can you forge a parents cosign (if you like prison food!)

car electrical repair 32823

cnn money americans take less vacation than european

cost for labor and materials to run 220 volt line for hot tub (a lot!)

cost of having children 174,000 (that's a lot of children!)

old cell phone

"fright pig"

cost of sending an envelope by fedex (see

do you need all wheel drive living in dc (No)

facebook license plate car privacy concern (none)

how long should a hot tub last (about 10-15 years, like most appliances)

i made a bad joke and they called police (we'd all be in jail, then!)

most commonly stocked tire sizes (used to be 13-14-15, but today, 16 inch seem the norm...)

how to throw things away in oblivion (a good place to throw them! Be proactive about hoarding!)

abrupt electrical failure in car (probably the battery. Just a guess).

dysfunctional families stingy with resources (let me guess, Daddy wouldn't buy you the new Mustang than you are "entitled" to. Boo-Hoo! Now let me smack you!)

health insurance with 10000 deductible (Good Plan)

honda accord 300000 miles for sale (Don't pay much for it - it is near the end!)

how disipline myself with money (Good Question!)

how long should my hot tub last (like any other appliance, 10-15 years)

how much to spend on closet organizer (nothing. donate half your clothes to charity instead)

is there an auction sniper for quibids? (No, read the rules, it is impossible to "snipe" on an auction that resets itself after each bid. Stop believing in the tooth fairy - and something-for-nothing!).

katrina victim mentality (yes, even today, six years later, people are still playing the victim card on this. Sad commentary on our society).