Friday, March 18, 2011

Financial Seminars for the Wealthy...

Wealthy people don't go to financial seminars...

A reader writes:
"What sort of Financial Seminars do wealthy people go to?"
Answer:  NONE, that's why they are wealthy.

Only poor people are dumb enough to think that you can go to a "seminar" to learn the "secret of wealth".

There is no secret of wealth, other that to spend less than you make.

The only people getting wealthy at wealth seminars are the people putting them on - and putting you on at the same time.

And again, even if there was a "Secret of Wealth" - why would anyone TELL you what it is, for only $499.95?

Just stop being a raging true believer. 

God has given you an opportunity to accumulate wealth in your lifetime.  Use it.  Don't squander your opportunity by chasing after easy answers from slick salesmen.

Sigh.  They never learn, do they?