Friday, December 9, 2011

Facebook IPO to create a thousand Millionaires and you aren't one of them!

Well, it's official, money-losing facebook is slated to do an IPO and create "thousands of Millionaires" overnight.

Of course, you aren't one of them!

The folks with founding stock will cash in and be rich.

Who will they cash in to?

The idiots who buy Facebook stock!

This investment makes gold look logical!

Never confuse popularity with profitability, a fad with a long-term trend, or lots of media coverage with substance.

Remember second life.

Remember myspace


Remember the whole fiasco.

This will come back to haunt us, big time, and the small investor who buys these "pop stocks" will get creamed.

Once again...

Don't give away your money based on what the TeeVee news says.  Making other people rich by buying their fad stocks is never a good idea.

Unless you enjoy poverty, that is.

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