Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My New Apartment..

If you are ever in New York, there is a cozy place to go for cocktails in Grand Central Terminal.   Bring Money.

We just got back from New York City where we went on a Champagne dinner cruise....  We had a great time!  Went to a Broadway show, Botanical gardens, a Cuban restaurant in the Bergens, the Carnegie deli (a pound of Pastrami!) China Town (Peking Duck!), the diamond district, Jersey City, Hoboken - and cocktails at the Campbell Apartment.  We took the sleeper train from Savannah up and back.  It was a lot of fun!

Actually, other than the $25 martinis at the Campbell Apartment, it was not that expensive a trip.   We rented an apartment in Jersey City, one PATH stop from World Trade Center.  Very convenient, cheap, quiet, and safe.  And the view?  As my friends put it, people in Manhattan have a view of Jersey City - people in Jersey City have a view of Manhattan - and the Statue of Liberty.

It was fun - fun to DO things rather than OWN things, and in the past, we couldn't take trips like this because we were tied down owning things.

 Dinner Cruise around Manhattan.  Not cheap, but fun, actually.